Do ACE Members receive discounts on RISE tickets?

All members of ACE receive discounts on each ticketing level using a promo code shared in our membership database. For more information on how to join as a member, visit here.

Can I return my ticket?

We do not honour refunds on any of our ticket packages. Can’t make it anymore? Inquire about transferring your ticket to a fellow woman in your life.

How can I volunteer at RISE?

We are looking to build an A-team for the RISE conference across all talents; event production, social media, photography, content development, hosting and much much more. Holler at us if you’re interested in rising with us by filling out this form. We’ll be in touch with you in January.

Where do I stay for the Vancouver Conference 2019?

There’s many places to stay around the conference venue. Our best recs for a quality stay would be Pinnacle Hotel in North Vancouver and Lonsdale Quay Hotel.